KRUMP-A-WAY Experiment 7

I’m closer to the cure than I have ever been, I’m even closer to it than I was to Jason Donovan when I sat next to him in the cinema (it was lord of the rings the twin towers if you were thinking of asking, and he didn’t look impressed if you was thinking of asking that too). After seeing the strength of Jemma Ballroom on the new news report I have been inspired to work harder at finding the cure.

For this test I have changed a few molecules to the actual infection itself, making it a weaker strain of infection. I have done this in the hope the infection will that already inhibits the body will take on the new infection, altering the whole infection and making it weaker so that the white blood cells are able to kill the infection.

I did the test on an infected cow






The cow had been infected for around 5 month and had just shown signs of reaching the sweat stage and I can tell you know a sweaty cow, is not the most pleasant of odours. It is important that my tests are on the infection while it is in the sweats stage, as this where the infection is at its strongest.

pile of ashI administered the test and it worked the cow. It stopped krumping and the sweats all dried up but after 30 seconds the cow started to show signs of overheating. Were it would normally sweat to cool off, it couldn’t and this resulted in the cow being burnt alive.


My results have shown that adding a different strand of infection to the already existing infection does make the subject stop krumping. But it has the adverse effects, making them unable to regulate body temperature.

Krump-a-way Test 7

Remember to keep sending in your videos of the krump infection, it’s the only way I can study it more from a safe distance and you’ll be helping me cure my wife and the rest of the world.


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