Living with the Krump

With news on a new outbreak coming to light, I thought I would talk a little more about my personal experiences with living with the krump, just to help many of you who may have been effected by someone who has the infection.

Firstly, don’t get down about it… I let my wife’s infections get to me for a few weeks at the start, it really took a strain on our relationship and I was losing faith in myself, would I crack and lose my patients and my wife? I spent a few days alone crying listening to Sinead O’connor but then I realised I was being ridiculous and took a good, long, hard, deep look at myself, ate some of my darn good cereal and realised what I am capable of.

I realised my wife is still the same, we can still talk, and I guess a burning question for many is do we still keep it alive physically? Well actually now more than ever. Seeing as she has to wear protective clothes it’s meant we have tried new things – all hail the inventor of latex, need I say more.

Losing my social life was hard but I reached out to books and now feel I’m full of knowledge I would have never of known if I hadn’t been in captivity. So there is light in all darkness… I bet you didn’t know a pigs orgasm lasts up to 30 minutes (I know where my next scientific ventures will be).

But my most important piece of joy giving information is to make light of the situation (your family member or friend will not like this at first but trust me it’s hard not to laugh together after numerous attempts). Play music which matches the theme of the krumping – complement your friend on their moves. Alternatively you can make it look like they are dancing to anything, which becomes almost a game for me at times. My wife hates heavy metal, more of a jazz girl, however I can bash out some loud Nine Inch Nails and she has to dance regardless. She hates me at first but when I start to laugh so does she and most of the time I join her dancing.

So although the krump has hit many people hard and some of you may find it hard to deal with – like anything, there are ways around it, so don’t worry and please feel free to come to me for any words of wisdom. We are in our fourth year of krumpmania on this island and we still manage.


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