Footage you have sent in

I am going to talk about the footage that you, the people on mainland have sent to me.  These videos have been lots of help in my efforts to finding to the cure, but I’m still not there I still need more footage.

The first video

This video was taken in some sort of super market. It appears to be a couple, still out together trying to find food for a meal together. they are obviously using their time well before the containment squad take them.  The best thing about this video is the people in the back. They rightly avoid walking into the krumpers, but they look scared as if they would choose to infect them.

Thank you Lex and Heather for your upload.

The second video

A video filmed at work it looks like. The krumper is still at work despite having the krump. This is a great show of human strength to be able to carry on with day to day life with the infection. I wonder how the costumers react to her when she is serving them.

Thanks Molly for your upload

The third video

This is a video I pick up on-line. Its the infection spreading through a retirement home. I thought this video hits home the most about the infection. These people have lived out long lives and they just want to relax but they can’t because the krump won’t let them.

Im close to the cure, I can feel it. I need more help from all of you, please send in your videos of you, or your friends krumping so I have more to research!



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