Do you remember Jemma that young spunky reporter that got infected while on scene reporting on the krump?  Well her bosses at new news have been contacting me for the past week about doing a news piece on me. They say that I’m the only person that looks like they are actually getting close to finding the cure. But that’s like telling a dog it’s good at sniffing your crotch. The people searching for the cure on mainland are probably working for the government. The same government that take the Krumpers and use them for their own selfish needs. They probably don’t want to find the cure.

Well I finally said they could come to report on me, on one condition, Jemma is the one that comes and they agreed. So she is coming tomorrow.

I’m excited to see her, I have watched the footage of her so many times. Jade has started to get a little jealous, she said “you have watched that footage more times than Kanye West has watched his own music videos”. She is right I have watched it a lot, but my interest is the Krump. You could say the krump is my cruel mistress. Like that last spoon full of ice cream you know you shouldn’t have because you already feel sick, but you have it anyway because you can’t resist its cold vanilla taste… Man I wish he had ice cream on this island.

Jade is getting worse and worse by the day. Her dance moves have become less coordinated, she has gone from well-formed dance moves, to looking like a bear getting its belly tickled.

This is a clear sign that things are getting worse. I have decided to do the first human test on her tomorrow, with the cameras here. I need to act quickly to save Jade and I’m pretty sure I’ve got it but I will not know until I do the test.




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