About Me

I’m Joel Tapp,Cereal Inventor/ Scientist.

For four years now I have been looking for the cure to the krump. An infection that has been passed around the world by touch. The infection makes you dance uncontrollably, every second of every day.

I started searching for the cure when my wife, Jade got infected in 2011. We moved to an uninhibited island  together so that she would be safe from the containment squad. A Government funded service that prevents break outs of the krump by “containing” the infected, but what they do with them and where they keep them, is unknown. Once the containment squad capture a “krumper” they are never seen again.  I didn’t want to take any chances.

I’ve been finding out all I can about the krump by watching and studying Jade, in the hopes that knowing everything about the infection will some how help me cure her. But my research has gone as far as it can with Jade. I need to reach out and talk to people about there experiences of the krump.   The safest way I do that is through social media, that’s why I’m here.

Each day I will post about my research of the krump, to hopefully inform you all and keep you as safe as possible. In return I ask for video submissions of your krump experiences so that I can carry out more research.

You can do this by uploading them to facebook or twitter (where I will also be posting) with the hash tag #igotthekrump.

Many thanks

Joel Tapp


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